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Все преподаватели являются выпускниками университетов, имеющими признанную квалификацию преподавателя английского языка (английский как иностранный). 


Все наши учителя должны иметь опыт преподавания не менее 2 лет. На данный момент все педагоги имеют опыт работы от 5 до 20 лет. Некоторые из наших преподавателей также обладают высшей квалификацией преподавателя английского языка.


Мы небольшая команда профессионалов. Будем рады видеть Вас в нашей школе! 

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Опыт преподавания 12 лет

Corinne работала 3 последних года в лингвистической школе в центре Лондона.

I never set out to be a teacher originally as I studied Earth Science at University, but fate has an interesting way of intervening. I worked in South America for a year and became fluent in Spanish which sparked an interest in languages and the process of learning them. I decided to study for the CELTA qualification and moved to Mexico to teach in a couple of schools there.

I have had the opportunity to teach all levels and age groups and I love interacting with my students and making a difference to their lives. Now I’m settling back in the UK and enjoying the wide range of nationalities I am able to meet and teach.

My classes are dynamic and informative as possible and I pay attention to the needs and abilities of each student. I have previously worked in teacher training too, so have a good knowledge of what is required to create an effective class.

I like to spend my free time with friends and to explore new parts of London. As they say, you can never get bored of London!

London, England

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Опыт преподавания 18 лет

Hello, I'm Peter, originally from London but now live in the East of England.

I am both CELTA and PTLLS qualified and have been teaching English to students for around twenty years in a variety of settings, including online.

As someone who is currently learning a foreign language myself, I know the joys and occasional issues with language learning, but above all I hope to help you become the English student that you want to be.

Make it happen!

Cambridgeshire, England

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Опыт преподавания 11 лет

I am a professional CELTA qualified teacher.

Teaching English to adults and children from beginner to advanced levels. 

I like working with people as bringing the most out of them as well as myself.


I teach: 

British English





I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Sudbury, England

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Опыт преподавания 6 лет

I am a professional English teacher. 

My name is Caroline and I’ve taught English as a foreign language to all levels and ages groups. I’ve taught leading professionals, directors, legal firms in small groups, in person and online.


I’m used to teaching different business topics ranging from marketing, sales, business etiquette, law, and customer service. I’ve also taught children in public and private schools from 5 years old up to 18 years old.


I’m also used to preparing students for their entrance exams to university.


One of my main objectives is to identify the key areas in which you need improve, so that you can reach your full potential. I believe that it’s important to feel comfortable speaking in a foreign language and gain confidence learning new words, as well as challenging yourself. My lessons aim to be interactive, engaging and informative. 

London, England

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Опыт преподавания 11 лет

Hello, I am Selinder an English teacher with 11 years of teaching experience.

I am a qualified TESL and TEFL who has varied experience in this field and a speaking examiner of KEY and PET, as well as a writing examiner for KEY/PET and FCE.

Have being teaching grammar and general conversation, preparing students for exams (Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEIC), at all levels and ages.


I’ve been working with diverse learners of all levels for many years.

I would love to share my enthusiasm and help you achieve your goals. Teaching is my passion, so there’s no better feeling than seeing my students reach their goals.

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Опыт преподавания 2 года

My name is Oriana and I am from England. 


At school I studied French and German, and later in life also learned some Italian and Dutch (in classes and self-taught). I had a great time doing this and found it challenging and fun.


As someone who loves languages and has a passion for language-learning, passing on that enthusiasm by teaching English to non-native speakers has been very rewarding for me. My lessons involve individual students and small groups, using pre-prepared materials and coursebooks that we work through together, as well as practising conversational English, playing games with flashcards, and preparing for international school interviews. I aim to break down lesson objectives and ensure students understand these and try their best, giving them positive encouragement and guidance along the way to achieving their language-learning goals. 


My hobbies include reading, art, baking, listening to music, and exploring different countries and cultures whenever I get the opportunity. I love to travel and have visited many different countries in Europe, where I feel it is important to try to speak a bit of the language when I can!

Norwich, England

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Опыт преподавания 5 лет

Hello! My name is Helen.

I am passionate about teaching in a creative way.  I have taught students from the age of 4 up to adults. 

My hobbies are a wide variety of subjects including dancing, which is a good way to break the ice with new students.  I also like to read, listen to music and sing.

All these hobbies can make classes more entertaining. Also, it is a good way to introduce yourself.

I like to think my lessons are effective and interesting by using the props I have available including animals, masks, colours, numbers etc.


Newport, UK

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Опыт преподавания 9 лет

Hello everyone!


My name is Dan and I come from England.


I have been teaching English for nine years and I love helping my students reach their language goals.

Learning English should be a fun adventure and I always aim to make my classes exciting and interesting.

In my free time I like playing guitar and I love music and movies, I have many interests which helps me teach English passionately on many different topics.


I am looking forward to seeing you in class! 

Middlesbrough, England

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