Найти хорошие учебные пособия и программы для изучения английского языка – сегодня не проблема, а вот хорошие преподаватели с чистым правильным английским – это редкость.  И если в Москве, обладая достаточной суммой денег, ещё можно найти таких учителей, то чем дальше от Москвы – тем это сделать труднее.

Занятия по Skype английским языком с профессиональными преподавателями из Великобритании – это оптимальное решение для тех, кто, действительно, хочет овладеть классическим английским языком, ценит свое время и деньги.

  • Английский язык по Скайпу – это полноценный индивидуальный урок с носителем языка (60 минут). 

  • Занимаясь английским по Скайпу – вы решайте те задачи, которые важны именно вам: отработка произношения, вопросы грамматики, расширение словарного запаса, развитие навыков беглой речи и т.д.

  • Занятия английским языком по Скайпу могут проходить в любое удобное вам время, оговоренное заранее.

  • Урок английского языка по Скайпу – это занятие с профессиональным преподавателем - носителем языка за разумные деньги.


Словарь – не лучший собеседник и учитель, он никогда не ответит, не поправит, если ошибетесь, не оценит ваших успехов, не порадуется вашим достижениям. Изучайте живой разговорный язык с живыми преподавателями, современный английский – в беседе с современниками, классический английский – с коренными англичанами, занимайтесь английским по Skype. 

Мы собрали дружную команду профессионалов, которые выпустили более сотни учеников по всему миру! 




I'm Peter originally from London but now live in the East of England. I am both CELTA and PTLLS teacher qualified and have been teaching foreign students English for well over ten years in a variety of organisations/situations including online teaching.

As someone who is currently learning a foreign language myself I know the joys and occasional issues with language learning but above all I hope I can help you become the English student that you want to become.


Make it happen!



I am a professional CELTA qualified teacher.

9 years of experience.

Teaching English to adults and children from beginner to advanced levels. 

Teaching exam preparation for IELTS, KET, PET and FCE.

I like working with people as bringing the most out of them as well as myself.


I teach: 







I look forward to meeting and working with you.


England, Sudbury



I'm a Cambridge University qualified English tutor, born and raised in Manchester. I have been teaching for over 10 years and have specialized in English as a second language for the last couple of years.

After working at a couple of major language schools in Manchester I came to the conclusion that a formalistic way of teaching is not the most beneficial or the quickest way to learn a language. Many of my students could understand the tutors, each other and the recordings on the CDs but once they left the college and entered the real world they were struggling with people who 'don't speak English properly' and 'eat their words'!

I now teach using a variety of methods that allow my students to understand and be understood by the general native English speaker. I specialize in improving spoken English, with focus on pronunciation, intonation and rhythm, including slang and common phrases, therefore helping you to communicate in day to day life. I am flexible and can discuss and help you build vocabulary in any area you like as well as helping with job interviews, work projects, exam preparation (FCE/IELTS), business English or just helping to build your confidence.

My lessons are relaxed and fun as I feel students learn better this way and feel more confident to use the language, leading to quicker progress. Plus I like to have a laugh ; )

Contact Unlimited Knowledge if you are fed up of grammar and boring books and want to learn 'real' English.

England, Manchester


My name is Daria, I am a CELTA qualified teacher from Saint-Petersburg, I have lived in London for the last 11 years. 

Born in Russia, I grew up being exposed to the English language on a daily basis from a very young age. Being raised bilingually helped me to understand the concepts my learners tend to struggle with and how to successfully deliver well-structured ESL lessons to students from all over the world.

I have taught a wide range of levels and skills. I use lots of educational activities and materials to spice up every lesson and make learning English a great experience. 

Best Wishes,


England, London


Hello my name is Christina,


I was born in the North East England. I started voluntary teaching and public speaking at just five years of age. I loved it and from there , have been teaching people from all walks of life. I have travelled to Spain , Portugal, Paris France and the USA for work gaining new skills and learning new methods.


I love people and different cultures and I understand what it is like to learn other languages as a result I use a very personal approach, tailoring classes to each individual personality and original language background this makes my classes fun yet thorough. I like to be creative, patient, friendly and use a balanced approach of love and professionalism as I believe love and commendation are essential for someone to truly learn. I believe a good teacher is always a student so I like to learn new methods to keep my enthusiasm roaring. I am so happy to do this wonderful job and to meet beautiful people doing it.


I look forward to meeting and working with you.



I am Daniellar from London,  a fully qualified CELTA and DELTA teacher. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in London Language schools. Having a lot of international students gave me a great experience and understanding of students needs and difficulties they can face. I can prepare for FCE, IELTS, TOEFL and teach any level of General English.  

I love teaching and helping students with English language which can open a door to new opportunities in life. 

Whether you are in London or on Skype I am happy to meet you.  

England, London

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